Platinum Brooch set with Approx. 2.50ct T.W. of Old Cut Diamonds

Circa 1910 

 you might see this Brooch on some Instagram pretenders Instagram page - they came in here pretending to be customers, took a picture of this in her hand and then posted it on their page... Dishonest, dodgy and pathetic. They pretend to have Jewellery knowledge and you should buy from them! A joke

 We get a few Instagram pretenders in here to buy things and then resell them on their Instagram pages for double what we sold it for...the only thing they know about the items is what we tell them - no Jewellery knowledge at wary. Come in and buy from us, a Registered Australian Business owned by a GEMMOLOGIST, 3rd generation in the Jewellery business in Perth, been doing this myself since 1985. I have genuine Jewellery knowledge and experience. Not some person at home with no Jewellery knowledge, pretending and just charging double what they've paid - not based on what the item is and is worth, just priced based on the profit they would like to make

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  • Product Code: Platinum Brooch set with 2.50ct's of Old Cut Diamonds Circa 1910
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Tags: Antique, Platinum, Diamond